Design Refinement

We’re in process of refining the logo and probably going to change this website a lot as well. Progress in most things has been fairly slow just due to the poor weather, allergies, and seasonal sickness.

We did order an Arduboy, but it’s still on back order. Hope to get that sooner than later but we’re not going to hold our breath. Still designing within the constraints of the device for now though. 1bit art is easy and fast to produce and we’re making our own JavaScript based level editor. We would have posted pictures of the prototypes online but Tesseract is afraid of the internet so we’ve not done so. She may or may not be taking over the nbsp_games twitter account soonish tho.

Until then, we’ll be updating this blog SLOWLY since we don’t have a lot to show. GuBrynS has updated their personal website with some old web experiments so check them out on¬†and we’ll probably be putting prototypes up on eventually as well.

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