Helios Ticketing Form
I redesigned the interface for the ticketing system over two years ago to combat some bugs that were happening due to haphazard feature creep and to implement some requested changes.
The idea for this ticket was that the ticket would flow from top to bottom, the top is what you should know as soon as the ticket is opened. The middle is where you spend most of your time while working on the problem. And the bottom is what needs to be done once the ticket is to be submitted.
The original form had some functions buried behind different tabs, in modals, and needing multiple buttons pressed to add basic information that was a requirement for almost EVERY ticket.
I surfaced a lot of the important information in this design and placed the more infrequently used features behind a single modal.
We also added the "alerts" feature to the ticket, which updates live if something happens that someone would need to know about while working on the ticket.
Lastly, the CSS for the ticket was made so that the layout would adjust to new options or changes without causing strange behavior. Any number of selections or cards can be added to the form easily.

A blank ticket (also a previous version, you can see the one below has more options added)

An example of a partially filled out ticket with some active alerts.