Bry Gu
Obsessed with efficiency, technically minded, creatively inspired,
dedicated to a positive team culture, self driven.
I endeavor to use my diverse skill set to learn as much about a process as possible
and think of creative solutions to any problem.
Clique Studios - Current
Engineer IDK yet I just started!
Freelance Web Front End Development
Freelance for Adjust Creative: creating 47th Ward Alderman campaign website for Jeff Jenkins. Freelance for SomeOddPilot: Worked on the Patagonia Action Works page using Wordpress with Timber, Angular, & Stylus. Wolveriene World Wide's Annual Report and Responsibility pages. Used Wordpress with Timber, Vue, & SASS. Also made various product landing pages for Saucony on Demandware using Handlebars, Yamil, & Stylus. All projects used Node and Gulp. Created multiple wedding registration sites for clients from scratch that required a password to submit. The pages collected dinner preferences and any +1 information as well. Stored in a database and displayed to the couples on a private site. Custom layouts for blogs and other event websites. Creating JavaScript and/or CSS experiments to further my skill set and experience.
Video Game Design / Development
I have worked on multiple game projects and ideas independently and collaboratively with others. Creating art, code, and game design using Unity3D in C# and browser based games using JavaScript and MySQL.
Innflux / Cloud5 - 2011 > 2017
Technical Support / Development
Managed, trained, and reviewed Tier 1 support. Assisted Tier 2 support and consulted with other departments. Setup and maintained a custom mediawiki knowledge-base, wrote hundreds of technical guides and SOP documents. Designed an internal webapp for reviewing technical support agents from scratch. Redesigned ticketing interface to allow for a better user flow with modular options and facilitate the addition of new features / functions. Designed and Developed custom templates for hotel guest wifi login pages for clients. Preformed basic user research and testing for the above UX/design projects.
Skills / Software:
Git, HTML 5, Handlebars, Pug, Yamil, CSS 3, Stylus, Sass, JavaScript, React, Angular, PHP, Timber/Twig, MySQL, Wordpress, LAMP/WAMP, Windows/Mac, Sublime, Unity3D, Adobe CS, Microsoft Office
I maintain my own sever and hosting for myself and others. I create Pixel Art, play Dungeons & Dragons, listen to Audio Books / Podcasts, enjoy Clay Sculpting and other Crafts, amateur Carpentry / IKEA Hacks, and Biking, just to name a few things.
Eastern Michigan University — IT / Network Administration / Web Development